I grew up on a dairy farm in Switzerland and attended agricultural programs, apprenticing as a herd manager for several farms. In 1980, I continued my education in the United States and worked on various Wisconsin dairies. After working for many years in the dairy industry, I chose to specialize in the field of hoof health and launched a hoof trimming business in 1989. As I began trimming, I realized the industry needed equipment to safely and practically restrain cattle while allowing the trimming technician to perform accurate hoof care. To achieve this, I designed an upright hoof-trimming chute with the Accu-trim® Leg Restraint System that guides the cow’s leg following her natural range of motion. This leg restraint provides an optimum heel-to-toe view so that proper functional trimming can be performed easily. Comfort Hoof Care, Inc. began selling chutes, internationally, in 1989 and all Comfort Chutes are equipped with the Accu-trim® Leg Restraint System.

Since I began hoof trimming, I felt an obligation to learn everything possible about hoof health and to continue my education by attending schools, conferences, and networking with researchers around the world. In 1995, I co-founded Dairyland Hoof Care Institute, Inc., a comprehensive hoof trimming school training over 4,000 hoof trimmers, veterinarians, dairy producers, herd managers, consultants and agriculture professionals from over 50 countries.

While attending lameness conferences, I network with veterinarians and researchers, which leads to collaborative research projects focusing on lameness and other aspects of hoof health. Furthermore, I embrace the opportunity to make a difference and positively impact the dairy industry. Drawing from my hoof health experience, I founded Sure Step Consulting International, LLC, to provide clients with recommendations to reduce and prevent lameness through practical, simple-to-implement strategies. As a hoof care provider, hoof trimming instructor, hoof health consultant and equipment designer, I have a unique perspective but also a responsibility to do everything in my power to keep cows productive and in the herd as long as possible. My business philosophy and personal mission is to SAVE COWS®.

Meet Karl Burgi